Bob Lyons



Bob Lyons has been serving Owensboro, Kentucky as a licensed Real Estate Broker for the past 38 years.

As a young realtor, with a 3rd child on the way, Bob realized there was no room for mediocrity. He had a passion for the real estate profession as a way of life, which affords he and his clients the ability to achieve the American Dream. Bob would knock on doors from morning to night to provide a living for his family. Bob has been successful because of his work ethic. He educates the homebuyer by staying abreast of the market, and is consistently available meet any need.

Bob’s family grew and in the blink of an eye. Soon he had seven sons and three daughters. Raising a large family was a challenge, as he attended all his children’s extracurricular activities. Bob instilled the values he used in business within each of his children as well. These values are: hard work, integrity, and to exhibit strong presence of character in EVERYTHING they do. Bob is authentic, client driven, honest, and works long hours. Bob’s dedication has resulted in a reputation as a REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL. His vast knowledge extends to commercial sales, specialized relocation, land sales, Broker’s Price Opinions, short sales, client education, and consulting. Of all of these, residential sales is his absolute passion. He is an outstanding member of the community who is highly regarded by his peers. Bob is passionate about the five major parts of his life: FAMILY, HIGH PERFORMANCE VEHICLES, HOME RESTORATION, LANDSCAPING, and, especially, RESIDENTIAL SALES.

Bob has learned a great deal but continues to learn each and every day. He is an important part of the L. Steve CASTLEN REALTORS team who works with his colleagues and broker to open doors to networking and making your real estate transaction a FIVE STAR experience.